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10 conversations you need to have with your team each year: Part 2

10 conversations you need to have with your team each year: Part 2

Carrying on from my last post, here are the second 5 of my top 10 conversations to have with your team.

Conversation 6: Let’s talk about trust and credibility.

Trust is key in human relationships and effectiveness at work; without it, relationships fails and a range of negative outcomes emerge (if you want to see just how dramatically bad it can be, search for research by Dr John Gottman and Economists Armin Falk and Michael Kosfield). To build a high-performance team and culture, you need to actively cultivate trust in the workplace: trust in you, trust in the organisation’s leaders and systems, and trust among peers. To build trust, you need to focus on interpersonal relationships, while also focusing on Covey’s four cores of credibility: integrity, intent, capability and results.

Conversation 7: How can we all help each other best our best selves?

Coaching conversations need to be an ongoing aspect in your team. Suppress your inner advice monster; instead, get curious and ask lots of questions. Most of you will work with highly capable people and it’s important to use their intelligence and skills—both because you will harness their strengths, and you will keep them engaged and motivated to perform.

Conversation 8: How can we delight our clients?

Whether internal or external, delighting your clients is key to building customer loyalty and ensuring a healthy working relationship. With external clients, it means you build a strong and valuable reputation; with internal clients it means that working together will be smoother and more enjoyable. Meet with your team and discuss who your clients are, what they need, what your strengths are (individually and as a team), and then discuss and plan actions for you to improve that further—what initiatives can you take to truly delight your customers and give them even greater value.

Conversation 9: How can we embrace change?

Change is a constant in the world and how we react to it is a good predictor of success. While biological psychology suggests that we humans find safety in the known, success in the modern world requires constant adaptation. Implementing change in an organisational setting can be challenging, and requires careful planning and attention. You need to build a case for the change, look at the positives and negatives of the change, and work out how to make the most of the situation and your response to it. It’s key to ensure that people’s needs are met for them to embrace the change and make it a success.

Conversation 10: How can we learn from our experiences?

Doing things the way you’ve always done them may seem like the safe and easy option, but it does result in growing inefficiencies and outdated practices that are no longer suitable. High-performing teams will set aside regular times to do an audit of their practices and look at the reasons behind what they do, and if it’s still appropriate to be doing things that way. Importantly, in the spirit of kaizen, they will also ask ‘where can we improve?’ to ensure they are always improving efficiency and effectiveness.

To build your high-performance team, you’ll want to ensure that you run each of these conversations regularly. And, most importantly, you will need to make sure that every conversation finishes with actions and commitments from all of the attendees. Keep everyone accountable by checking in with them, and seeing how they are going with their commitments—do they need help? Have they hit obstacles that you can assist them with? Do they just need a gentle reminder to stop them from getting lost in their day-to-day work?

If you want a tested and proven system to assist you in running these and other conversations, then get in touch with me. Through a partnership I have, I can provide you with the support and materials to run a conversation, and more importantly, I can help you set up the technology that ensures the next steps happen and people create new habits and are accountable to their commitments. We’ve all been in meetings and conversations that are talkfests that result in no action; talk to me to find out how you can make sure yours are different and are actionable. And most importantly when you have these conversations really listen and have fun.




As my coach, Aileen helped me achieve my 6-month KPIs in just 3 months! I have learnt a lot from the coaching process and have enjoyed each moment and experience. 

Michael Hansen, Head of Supply Chain, Clough