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Pokémon GO craze what is it revealing?

Pokémon GO craze what is it revealing?

In the very short time since it was released, Pokémon GO has seemingly taken over the world or at least those parts of the world where it has been released (and it’s getting a lot of interest in places that are still waiting). There are many, many things that we can learn from Pokémon GO, there’s already a plethora of articles discussing the role of disruptive technology, augmented reality, and viral successes.

Here is a number of messages in Pokémon GO’s success that are relevant to organisations around the world.

  1. People are stressed, often overwhelmed, and are craving escapism. Why is Pokémon GO so popular? News article after news article is filled with anecdotes of people seeking refuge in the world of Pokémon GO. Pokémon GO offers people a break from the real world; the game forces players to forget about the stresses of work.
  2. People are loving exercise by stealth. Twitter soon filled up with tweets of users that had done more exercise in one day of having Pokémon GO than they had ever achieved at the gym. They were motivated to move. They were outside. They were getting fresh air. And they were feeling much better for it!
  3. People are loving the interaction. You can play Pokémon GO on your own, but many players are loving the chance to meet and interact with all sorts of people. People love to help each other out and work as a team to find Pokémon hiding around the place—especially the rare and hard-to-catch ones.

While Pokémon GO is a pretty impressive solution, I think one of its benefits is in demonstrating the extent of the problem we have. The rapid success of Pokémon GO highlights more than anything the previously unmet need, a need that will still need other solutions in the workplace.

So, what do you do now? Well, firstly look at stress in your workplace: are people stressed? How can you reduce this stress? Secondly, how can you boost movement in your workplace? This has been a big topic for years, and there are many suggestions out there for increasing movement at work without resorting to actual exercise. Lastly, how can you give people in your organisation a chance to interact with each other in a fun way?

I would love to hear some of your solutions and if you are looking for a way to bring Pokémon GO type fun to your team, then you can check out our Amazing Scavenger Race or send me a message here for more information.


We loved the Amazing Scavenger Hunt and found it successful in helping us to achieve our objectives. While the event logistics were initially overwhelming, with so many participants involved, the day ran smoothly and we are keen to book this event again next year. The girls loved it, and really got to explore and apply their skill sets in teamwork and co-operation; it was also a great challenge. Overall, it was an excellent event.

Deb Perich - InsideOut Director Perth College