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Leadership Coaching

Situation: An experienced leader was moved to an established team.

She needed to establish her leadership position within the team quickly (e.g. respect, communication and getting to know the team).

The team knew there was a need for some staff to be made redundant.

Morale and productivity needed to be maintained or ideally improved whilst this occurred.

Action: Help establish the leaders position within the team whilst developing the leader and team at the same time.

Results: The team loved the monthly Actionable Conversations as they provided a way to learn new skills and strengthen individual, team and leader’s relationship.

The individuals who were required to leave the organisation (due to declining market conditions not due to performance) – left the organisation – wanting to return to the team and leader when the market conditions improved (and they did rejoin the team later).

Loyalty, engagement and team strength was strengthened. Morale (and productivity) increased during declining market conditions and widespread redundancies. Integrated robust communication processes were created that were highly valued by team members.

Comment was made by the Leaders' Manager “ your team is the ‘A’ Team!”

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Elizabeth Blake: Scavenger Hunt - Art Heist - Hens