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Prioritise Your Work

We all have the same number of hours in a day, yet some people achieve far more in their 24 hours, than others. Why is that? It’s all down to prioritisation.

What are you prioritising in your life? At work? Is it working for you?

Can you tell the difference between urgent work and important work? Are you spending your time where it is most valuable? Learning to correctly categorise work is an important skill, but one that can be difficult to maintain—even if you have previously been good at it. Successful people will continuously check-in to make sure that they are getting ahead rather than just keeping up.

 If you’re not using all of your time effectively (and there is a good chance there is room for improvement) then check out this quick summary of ‘First Things First’, a must-read for those wanting to improve their personal time-management and performance. Make sure you are working at a 4th generation level of planning and prioritising to ensure you are really productive. Once you’ve read that summary, you should follow it up with ‘The Five Choices’, which builds on the previous summary with some great practical tips.

If you are after some more information on using our rapidly improved understanding of how the brain works and how to improve our performance, then you should check out the ‘Your Brain At Work’ summary for a few key tips that will make sure you achieve more at work.

Improving your productivity is a worthy aim, and one I fully encourage. With improved performance you’ll get more done and your list of outstanding tasks will reduce meaning lower stress levels too.

So have a read of those summaries and then decide what you will do differently to ensure you’re using your time in the best way possible. 


It was fun exploring with the kids and meeting some friendly, helpful people around Fremantle…There were lots of laughs and some great stories of everyone’s adventures. In the end, scores didn’t matter—it was a memorable day. Thanks. 

Ray Locke - Fremantle Challenge