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10 May

Last month we covered the importance of building trust as a leader. More-so than competence, trust increases the influence you have over your team. Similarly, being trustworthy is key to employee loyalty to both you and the organisation. To elicit loyalty, however, you need more than trustworthiness; this is where competence and integrity come in to the equation.

14 Apr

Today I’d like to share three key insights with you; these were three insights shared at our 12 April Breakfast event where William Feeney, the Australian MD for Actionable Conversations, spoke about the missing human component in business. Businesses have continuously refined and improved their operations in terms of transactions, technology, timing, and technique. The big area left for real improvements is Human Talent: it’s the one where real improvements can happen, and the one that leverages improvements in all other areas. So how do we help people work better? Well, here are three key insights from that event.

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12 Apr

If you ask most people which trait they think is more important in a leader, trust or competence, the majority will answer competence. In general, we want other people to see us as being competent; yet, the trait we most look for in others when we meet them is trust (or rather, warmth).

21 Mar

Empathy is a key human trait. Societies, even in their most basic form, require us to be able to imagine life from another’s perspective.

11 Feb

How are you going with your New Year's resolutions? I always find the start of Lunar/Chinese New Year a good time to reflect on my progress so far this year. What's working well? What's not working so well? And what can I do to improve?

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Our Amazing Scavenger Hunt was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon out of the office; everyone had a really great time. We really appreciated achieving SYNERGY’s flexibility in organising the event, and would enthusiastically recommend the event to anyone looking for a fun, social event around Perth.

Dorothy Chin  HR Manager - AFG