Actionable Conversations

Do you have concerns about the time and dollars it takes to continuously develop your team?

Has your team had great conversations with fabulous ideas, and then not implemented them?

Know that developing your team is valuable, but don't know where to start?

Want stronger connections to ensure engagement and accountability occur within your team?

Engaged Employees Statistic Graph

90.5%of employees would be less likely to leave a company if offered training.

Engaged Employees Statistic Graph

93% admit to feeling more valued when an employer offers development opportunities.

Research from The HR Director (15/6/2015) 'How can businesses keep their staff? Let them learn'


Actionable Conversations uses leading business books as the inspiration for enhanced team conversations.

These conversations are an impactful 60 minutes conducted in your work place with your team. The conversations are highly collaborative which connect in a new way with your team and strengthen engagement. They have the added benefit of developing action and feedback as a natural part of you and your team's development process.

Actionable Conversations create focused conversations that develop the leader at the same time the team. How neat is that!

Actionable Conversations are: 

  1. Short in duration - 1 hour in length.
  2. Flexible - conduct at times that suit you.
  3. Easy to lead - no external facilitator needed. Support and resources provided to make it easy to conduct the conversation.
  4. Actionable - Practical outcomes: participant commitments linked to your business needs.
  5. Accountable - you have access to an online dashboard to track the progress of everyone’s actions.

Why try Actionable Conversations? They:

  1. Increase engagement.
  2. Improve accountability.
  3. Give relevance to participants by linking key insights to their daily work roles.
  4. Maximise transfer of learning through action – this leads to behaviour change – little and often is more effective for behavioural change than one "big bang" event.
  5. Improve transition to long-term behaviour change by using the actionable dashboard.

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To experience one of the Actionable Conversations try one for free.





We loved the Amazing Scavenger Hunt and found it successful in helping us to achieve our objectives. While the event logistics were initially overwhelming, with so many participants involved, the day ran smoothly and we are keen to book this event again next year. The girls loved it, and really got to explore and apply their skill sets in teamwork and co-operation; it was also a great challenge. Overall, it was an excellent event.

Deb Perich - InsideOut Director Perth College