Fewer Chickens, More Eggs: How to Boost Engagement and Supercharge Performance

Fewer Chickens, More Eggs: How to Boost Engagement and Supercharge Performance

23 November 2015 07:30 - 09:30

Kailis Bros Leederville

Fewer Chickens, More Eggs: How to Boost Engagement and Supercharge Performance

Fantastic individuals don’t always get fantastic results, join an interactive breakfast with William Feeney and Aileen Armstrong to find out why, and what to do about it.

Are you looking to improve performance and productivity with minimal expense?

Do you have fantastic people that for some reason still aren’t getting fantastic results?

Do you want to discover the secret sauce of collaboration and teamwork?


If you hire good people and develop strong talent, business success will follow, right? Wrong. Well, maybe not wrong, but it’s certainly not a given.

A growing body of research drawing on neuroscience, biochemistry, sociology, and psychology is highlighting the importance of teams and collaboration and how developing ‘superchickens’, or high performance individuals, can lead to poorer outcomes. Humans are social creatures, and we perform best when we work in teams—so why haven’t companies developed environments to suit?

When we think of capital in business, we think of financial capital. That makes sense. Money does make the world go ‘round. The problem is that it’s only half the picture. Truly successful businesses invest in building people capital: interdependency, co-operation, collaboration, and social connectedness - all of which are reflected by the level of engagement your people have at work. Deeper engagement leads to better business outcomes and higher profits. And the best thing? You can build this type of capital without a lot of money and less than 1% of your time.


When you join William and Aileen for breakfast, you will gain

  • Strategies to build people capital with minimal financial capital

  • Strategies for buy-in: how to sell the need and benefits to others

  • A great opportunity to network and build your own people capital: draw on the wisdom and experience of others.


So join us for breakfast on the 23rd to learn cost-efficient and highly effective ways to boost engagement and business performance. The event itself is free, just bring $25 to enjoy one of three fabulous breakfast options at Kailis Bros. 

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Jennifer Bates

Thank you Aileen for your coaching and wisdom. Your coaching style is very responsive, and you have a great balance of theoretical information that is backed up with practical advice. You have a good range of approaches to help work through a situation - from the very practical to the more quirky, but they all help guide the individual to the right answer. I appreciated that you not only took the coach role but on occasions you were the instructor - and that you clarified each time you stepped between those roles. I would recommend you to leaders and executives at any level in the organization.

Jennifer Bates, HR Manager - Leading Oil & Gas Company