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According to Gallup (2013), only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged; as a region Australia and New Zealand's work force does better with 24% engaged--still not a great number. That means 60% are disengaged with 16% of employees reporting that they are actively disengaged.

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This leaves a total of 76% employees disengaged. The costs of this situation are staggering in terms of lost productivity, motivation and the cost of replacing employees.

How to engage and mobilise is a top frustration

At the same time, many leaders of both large and small organisations report that one of their top frustrations is around how they can do a better job engaging their employees. They are tired of spending so much time dealing with the fallout that comes from employees that are not as committed and motivated as they are.

The answer might be simpler than you think

While there is no silver bullet to this predicament, there are simple yet powerful leadership practices that cost nothing to implement, and can produce immediate improvements in performance. 

Aileen and achieving SYNERGY can bring an 11-part methodology to your organisation and leadership team that addresses the problems of employee engagement.

Best of all, this methodology doesn’t require invasive organisational development strategies or restructurings that are almost impossible to implement. Instead, we focus on simple and powerful behaviours that have maximum impact on your leaders’ ability to engage.

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Whether you’re a new leader, or an existing leader, you can improve with Aileen and achieving SYNERGY

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Jennifer Bates

Thank you Aileen for your coaching and wisdom. Your coaching style is very responsive, and you have a great balance of theoretical information that is backed up with practical advice. You have a good range of approaches to help work through a situation - from the very practical to the more quirky, but they all help guide the individual to the right answer. I appreciated that you not only took the coach role but on occasions you were the instructor - and that you clarified each time you stepped between those roles. I would recommend you to leaders and executives at any level in the organization.

Jennifer Bates, HR Manager - Leading Oil & Gas Company