Leadership MasterMind

Are you or your team members finding the pace of continual change difficult to deal with?

Want a way to leverage the brilliance of others to help you achieve excellence?

Do want to strengthen your leadership and influencing skills?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then read on and apply to join out limited Mastermind group. With Aileen guiding you, you will learn from one another, from world’s best-selling business books and have an opportunity to put your new skills in to practice in your work setting. Together we will explore strategies and build practical skills necessary for excelling in a changing and unsettled economy.

Just like in the fitness industry, one-on-one coaching is great for personalisation and accountability (but expensive!), and classes, while cheaper, don’t give the same support and feedback. Small group coaching and masterminds combine the best of both giving you personalised feedback with great value for money. And, you get the bonus support of like-minded peers.

Register your interest for our upcoming MasterMind starting 20th July 2016  

How will the Leadership Mastermind work?

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First, we'll get you prepared for running your own Actionable Conversations, including setting up your online performance and accountability dashboard.


 Then, we will hold monthly group coaching calls or face-to-face sessions. These calls will hold you accountable, provide peer support and feedback, and give you access to a wealth of knowledge.


Between each MasterMind session you will put theory into practise by running your own Actionable Conversation. Your experience will be reflected on in the MasterMind group so that you can get a deeper understanding and greater value. As a bonus to your leadership development, your team develops too!


Throughout and Beyond the Leadership Mastermind, you will have access to an exclusive community made up of your Perth peers, meaning you will be able to network, post questions, and gain valuable insights from a community of leaders.



So if you know that joining a tribe of like-minded leaders is what you need to do to give yourself a career boost and improve the performance of your team at work, go ahead and register your interest for the next leadership Mastermind now.


Register your interest for the next upcoming MasterMind

Standing on the shoulders of giants, you'll gain insights from some of the best business books around...

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This sounds amazing, but I’m so busy, will this work for me?

All the more reason for you to participate. Effective leaders need to focus on what’s really important, a skill that often seems easier said than done. With the support and accountability of the group, we’ll make sure you focus your time and energy where the magic happens.

Will this work for me?

I’m really excited about this program as it hits all learning styles; whether you prefer reading, discussing with peers, listening to content, or actually doing the work, the Leadership Mindset has your learning style covered. Throw in some old fashioned accountability and peer support and you have all the ingredients for success.

Is this practical and long lasting?

I don’t think it could get any more practical and actionable. Between each group coaching session, you will have a short workshop to run with your team in your workplace. You may be the one joining the mastermind but your whole team benefits. We’ll guide you in the preparation and debrief of your training too to ensure you maximise your lessons learnt. By running the Leadership Mastermind over six months, you will embed new knowledge and form new and powerful habits to drive your and your team’s success.

Any more questions? Contact us and we’ll happily help.

Register your interest for the MasterMind starting 20th July 2016


I approached achieving SYNERGY as my team had recently gone through some considerable challenges and I believed it would be useful for us to look at our communication and working styles in order to develop stronger working relationships. As a team of human service professionals, we presented a unique challenge for Aileen as we are trained counsellors and frequently facilitate groups ourselves. Aileen developed a focused program with the DISC profiling model as the foundation for activities that explored our interactions with each other and developed new understandings and tolerance. The program was developed in collaboration with me and I was very happy with the final training day which was very full, but was also delivered in a casual, friendly and fun way. Perfect for our organisation!

Since the training my staff have commented on feeling more connected to the team and the general improvement of morale in our office. I would have no hesitation in recommending achieving SYNERGY to other Managers in all sectors as well as the Not for Profit Sector.

Shaun Mays – WA Division Manager of Canteen