Developing Teams

Are you tolerating team performance that does not meet your expectations?

Would having more focus, alignment and clarity in your team make a difference to your team’s performance?

Do you need greater engagement levels in your team? 

The most effective way to achieve optimal performance is to go to the root cause of what’s holding you and your team back. Once you have identified and solved the root problem, everything changes in the way your team communicates and operates, things get done and results are achieved with previously unimaginable ease.

The problem is most leaders and teams don’t go deep enough to reach the true root cause in the way of achieving extraordinary outcomes. Most leaders focus on surface solutions; they may reorganise again, set new priorities, start new initiatives, or communicate their goals more forcefully. None of these solve the root causes of sub-standard performance and can thus only have limited effect.


Building effective teams is hard

That’s why so many leaders share with us the following frustrations:

1Many employees - even at senior levels - lack the ability to build and participate in teams effectively.
2Interpersonal dynamics create lots of friction and hassles that are time consuming and challenging to overcome.
3It is rare that team members know how to set expectations and create engagement in ways that get great results while strengthening relationships.


achieving SYNERGY has worked with leaders and teams in the professional services, IT, energy, resources, finance, and non-profits.

A robust, deep, and practical approach

The secret to the success of our approach is that it is deep. It helps your team look at 7 unique dimensions of performance, and can be delivered through focused conversations, training, coaching, facilitation, or a combination thereof – whichever is most convenient for you.


To learn more, we invite you to download one piece of our approach, which is a simple assessment to evaluate the conversations different team members are having, and whether those move the team forwards, backwards, or at a standstill.

We guarantee it will open up some new ideas about making your teams more effective and efficient.

Team alignment assessment

To develop and maintain a high-performing team...

You need to focus on developing your team’s talent and working through each of the 7 Steps to building a high-performance team.

See the different options that achieving SYNERGY can help you with.

Actionable ConversationsFacilitationAmazing Scavenger Race

Some of our tools

If you want to know some of the technical aspects--the fantastic tools we love to use are located here:  

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Aileen’s consistent and tailored service has really helped our team to grow and work more effectively together. Having worked with Aileen a number of times in the past, we are more than satisfied with the work she produces. We will continue to utilise her services and recommend her to my peers in the future.

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