Does your group have challenging obstacles and you need clarity to move forward?

Do you need someone to ask the difficult questions and challenge assumptions and beliefs of the group?

Do you need to ensure everyone in the team is engaged and heard?

Do you need to increase focus and deepen communication with one another?

Do you need someone independent and objective to keep your discussions on-track?

If you answered yes to any of these questions having an external facilitator can be very beneficial. achieving SYNERGY’s professional facilitators have over 75 years of facilitation experience using a variety of tools across different industries.

They are skilled at making you and your team laugh (have fun) whilst getting on with the task and ensuring you feel secure and in safe hands. They help your team focus on the results and ensure you walk away feeling productive. Call to discover which facilitator is the best one for you.  

Not sure what a facilitator does?

Role of facilitator

A facilitator is someone who works with the team while you work on business issues. When you work with a team facilitator, you are working on real business issues.

A skilled facilitator increases your team’s effectiveness by helping your team improve how it identifies and solves problems, and makes decisions.

Benefits of using a skilled facilitator:

  1. Prepare for your meetings so you gain the most value from the time your team spends together.
  2. Use all of your team members’ knowledge and skills whilst ensuring they are all engaged and actively participating during the meeting.
  3. Constructively use conflict and differences of opinion so the team arrives at a stronger solution and avoids groupthink.
  4. Keep the team focused and on track by ensuring your time is used effectively
  5. Clarify your future by creating a unified vision
  6. Break down complex issues and problems to truly understand them, and then solve them as a team
  7. Develop specific goals and action plans to address issues and items
  8. Cultivate individual and group commitment and accountability to follow-up on the action plan


Want to know if an independant facilitor is what you need for your next team meeting?

For advice on how to make your team meeting even more engaging and productive contact Aileen


Before experiencing the Amazing Scavenger Hunt I was worried that our employees would get bored doing the course and that it wouldn’t be interesting enough. I found, however, that the course was a whole lot better than I expected: the helpers along the way and the interaction with the staff really made the day. It was a great opportunity for people from different teams to mix and we got to see different personalities break out of their ‘normal company role’. It was also great to learn a little more about Perth.

I would recommend this to anyone that has teams that are disengaged, new teams or teams that don’t mix with each other in the workplace. The Amazing Scavenger Hunt was really well organised and we were treated with great service. 

Linda Panizza - Aspen Group